366-Monkey King: Roadblock

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Back in the Journey to the West and Monkey has a fan club, the Tang Monk teaches an impromptu class, and Pigsy finds his calling: sitting and eating. The creatures are the Ruslaki, and they're very easy to break up with. Shrok Pillow: https://myths.link/shrok Music: "Germaine" by Blue Dot [...]

Korean folklore: Goblin

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Two stories of goblins (도깨비) from Korean folklore and how, if they stop by, you'll want to have drinks on hand because it might just save your life. The creature is Ratatoskr, the greatest* squirrel in Norse myth. *only Music: "Cornicob" by Blue Dot Sessions "Lofoten Eggels" by Blue [...]

363-Slavic Folklore: One High Five Man

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The story of Yaroslav is one of growing up and figuring out who you are...so you can stop accidentally killing people with your deadly high-fives. The creature is the Pombrero, a sleazy, muscly little hobbit who might already be in your house. Music: "Miniatures" by Blue Dot Sessions "Stuffed [...]

Chinese folklore: Broken

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Two stories from Chinese folklore about broken things. A broken pot, a broken future, and how things can come together to heal. And why you shouldn't go to work drunk or else you might have to arrest a tiger. The creature is the tooth tyrant, the Odontotyrannos, and it's not an angry dentist. [...]

361-English folklore: In a Pickle (jar)

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Two stories from English folklore about perspective, and how you can't get something for nothing, but you can absolutely get nothing for something. The creature is an outlandish, bizarre, and strange creature known as an "ostrich." Mr. and Mrs. Vinegar: https://myths.link/vinegar The Bogey Beast: https://myths.link/bogeysonyourtail Membership: https://www.mythpodcast.com/membership Music: "Calisson" [...]

360-Leprechauns: Lucky

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The saga of Fergus mac Léti is, apparently, the first time leprechauns make their appearance in folklore. It's also the first time leprechauns try to kill a guy, get stuck in porridge, and offer some magical menswear. The creature this time is the Oyaleroweck, who's thriving in the absence of knights in Canada. [...]

358-Monkey King: Winded

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Back in the Journey to the West where Monkey and the gang are actually having an easy time of it and WHY IS IT SO HOT? The creature is Muirbech who is not a sea bee, and while it should get in trouble for false advertising it is already in jail until Judgement [...]

357-Icelandic Folklore: Dog Days

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A lost prince, a magic TARDIS barrel, and a talking dog take us to Jötunheim and back in the story of Prince Ring from Icelandic folklore. The creature is mouse deer who just wants to dance and hopefully not kill anyone. --- Links: Ring source: https://myths.link/princering Glitter drink why would you do this: [...]

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