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Member’s Only Short 2: Supplemental Irish Legends

By |2018-03-15T20:01:21-04:00February 26th, 2016|Categories: Podcast|Tags: , , , , , |

An extra supplemental story to the Irish legends (22A-22C) that tells the story of a character we saw only glimpses of, but whose tale is tragically interwoven with the rest of the larger legends. It's a short backstory that adds one more level of detail to an already complex and interesting set of stories. Music: "I [...]

Member’s Episode 4-Cinderella: Ash-fool

By |2018-03-15T14:49:13-04:00January 28th, 2016|Categories: Podcast|Tags: , , , , |

Like many of the fairy tales with super-popular adaptations, an early version of Cinderella is much more bizarre and violent. The old evil stepmother trope is back, but she may just end up doing more damage to her own daughters than Cinderella. I'll also go into the reasons the German version of this story is so [...]

Member’s Episode 2-Japanese Fairy Tales: Unintended Consequences

By |2018-03-15T19:57:59-04:00November 27th, 2015|Categories: Podcast|Tags: , , , , |

On the second Fairy Tale Friday episode, it's two stories from Japanese folklore. One is a super-adorable story about a monkey playing with a crab, which turns into a bloody revenge tale. The other involves a man in the forest who discovers a very powerful alternative to Rogaine. The creature of the week is a little [...]

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