87-Werewolves: The Lost

//87-Werewolves: The Lost

87-Werewolves: The Lost

Werewolves are people that turn into wolves. Or they don't. Maybe they just wear a fancy wolf belt. Or maybe part of a wolf skin. Or maybe they just like to think they're a wolf. Or maybe they're just people that like killing. Werewolf stories are simple ones, but there's no simple answer as to why this thing happens. And it did. A lot. All throughout history there are stories of Werewolves, stretching back as far as Ancient Greece. As it turns out, humans being monstrous is as old as humanity itself.

The creature this time is the reason why you'll want to avoid the river if you see a ghostly woman crying out for her children. But if you're not already doing that, a podcast description won't save you.


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A lot of dismemberment and cannibalism. Like, any amount of dismemberment and cannibalism is too much, but literally any story of werewolfery is too violent for words.

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  1. Eric November 13, 2017 at 4:28 pm - Reply

    I am literally watching the Grimm episode with this creature of the week right now!

  2. Briana Baumbach November 3, 2017 at 4:30 pm - Reply

    what song is the violin one thats plays around minute 14?

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