The story of Rostam from the Shahnameh, an important book in Iranian Mythology. It starts out in a weird place, with a strange little Benjamin Button-type baby being raised by a mythological peacock dog, and only gets stranger, but it explores themes of loyalty, fealty, and power, even if a leader is not deserving.

The creature this week is the Jackalope, from Wyoming, and you can only hunt them one day a year. Unfortunately, that day doesn't exist.


"Softly Villainous" by Blue Dot Sessions

"De Facto" by Chad Crouch

"Common Merganser" by Chad Crouch

"Gadwell" by Chad Crouch

"Investigation" by Chad Crouch

"An Oddly Formal Dance" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Tessalit" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Drch" by Blue Dot Sessions

"As Nihilism Gives Way to Existentialism" by Nihilore


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Jackalope hunting license: