Rostam embarks on his quest to free his king, taken captive in the land of the demons, where he'll not only have to free his stupid, stupid ruler and end the war, but embark on seven labors which will include: letting his horse do a lot of the heavy lifting, a dragon fight, a new friend, and tossing a demon's head like a bride throws a bouquet.

The creatures this week are the kakamora, from Polynesian mythology and, yes, from Moana. Unlike Moana, however, they are way less violent, way more naked, and have a taste for the finer things in life (possum).


“Zulia Conspiracy” by Blue Dot Sessions

“Watercool Quiet” by Blue Dot Sessions

“Santo Apure” by Blue Dot Sessions

“Rambling” by Blue Dot Sessions

“Elephants on Parade” by Podington Bear

“Assmack” by Podington Bear

“Paramo Ocho” by Blue Dot Sessions

“Besos y Abrazos” by Rolemusic


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