Where we left off, Cú Chulainn was getting dung smeared in his face by a stronger, magical king. None of that matters, because Cú Chulainn won. Of course he did. He's Cú Chulainn. Today's story picks up years later. As it turns out, killing people indiscriminately for all of your adult life (and pretty much all of your childhood) has consequences. Today, we'll learn what those are.

The creature is lady Kiya, from Japan, and she's a great reason to be honest with people about your feelings.


“Scaffoldings” by Podington Bear

“Minor Islands” by Podington Bear

“Forces” by Podington Bear

“Blue Blanket” by Podington Bear

“Guild Rat” by Blue Dot Sessions

“Campanula” by Blue Dot Sessions

“Uncertain Ground” by Blue Dot Sessions


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Stronger than usual violence. Some guys get a spear through their faces and there are entrails all over the place.