We return to the stories of the Monkey King and pick up at the end of his long imprisonment under a mountain, for trying to overthrow everyone and everything.

Meanwhile, a messenger from heaven is on the move, looking for a pilgrim to make a dangerous journey that will bring them into contact with demons, monsters, and companions to help him along the way...who might just be more dangerous than anything on the road.

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“Follow Me” by Keith Anthony Holden
"In Epic" by Valentina Gribanova
"Lonely Drive Home" by Lance Conrad
"Left on my own" by Judson Lee
"A Horrible Piano" by Bobby Cole
"Cracked Nut Suite" by Podington Bear
"Calisson" by Blue Dot Sessions


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The Tripodero

from Fearsome Critters by Henry H. Tryon

Usually seen around construction camps and engineering jobs. Seldom found about logging works except where railroad location and construction work is going on.

Birds and Other small animals constitute his main diet. He is not a fast traveler, but his extension legs (just like a transit) make it possible for him to prowl close to the ground. On spotting game, he slowly extends these legs until he gains a clear sight over the brush. Focusing the 4-power ’scope, the rifled, gun-like beak is carefully trained on the victim, a hardened clay pellet from the magazine in the cheek-pouch is inserted in the breech and puffed swiftly on its way. The target is instantly knocked senseless, and is then slowly eaten.

Seldom does the Tripodero miss. He is a deep student of ballistics, and has fine judgment of distance, wind and drift.

Source: myths.link/tripodero