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208-Maui: Big Tuna

After his exploits, Maui decides to settle down. Unfortunately, married life is anything but bliss, but that's probably because his wife's ex-husband is a vicious eel monster.

207-Monkey King: Girls Before Swine

The Monkey King and friends stop off on a side quest to rescue a young woman kidnapped by a pig monster, but they might get more than they bargained for, and make a new friend along the way.

206-Mabinogion: The Blip

We're back in the Mabinogion, a collection of Welsh folklore, where we'll see what happens when the apocalypse comes and goes and you are left behind with your friends. And mom.

205B-Odyssey: The Widening Gyre

We're back following Odysseus around the Mediterranean, finishing up this leg of our journey in a packed episode with a witch, pigmen, more giants, Scylla, Charybdis, Hades, Tiresias, and, of course Hercules. [...]

205A-Odyssey: Man of Constant Sorrow

With monsters, witches, sirens, and cyclopes, the Odyssey is one of the landmarks of world literature and a classic for the ages. This is the start.

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carissa weiser


Story Editor, Producer

Carissa joined Myths and Legends full-time in 2017 at Episode 67B. She's a former audiologist and professor with a background in acoustics, digital sound, linguistics, and Spanish. She loves her family, photography, and tennis season.

jason weiser


Writer, Host

Jason started the Myths and Legends Podcast out of his love for reading/writing and training in English literature. In addition to history and world folklore, he's a fan of his wife and child, dachshunds, hiking, Batman, and cake (the dessert, but the band's ok, too).

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