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299-Korean Folklore: Long Con

The spies are coming. Governor Sim has gone too far and earned the attention of the king, who's sending people to see what's going on in Sim's district. The only thing? Sim is four steps ahead of the king and those spies don't know what they're walking into.

298-Finnish Folklore: Footsteps in the Dark

A home improvement project 800 years in the making that includes way too many wolves, rat parts, and beards. It's the story of the Tomten of Åbo Castle, from Finnish folklore.

297-Monkey King: Up in Smoke

Monkey learns that the monster who kidnapped his master is the son of an old friend. This should go well. Everyone knows kids love it when adults yell at them.

296-Greek Myths: To Bewitch or Not to Bewitch

Lucius’s lifelong dream, as of ten minutes ago, is learning how to do sorcery. Luckily, he’s not only in a city crawling with witches who are slicing bits off people’s faces to [...]

295-1001 Nights: What’s in the Box?

The story of a merchant gets lost ducking out early from a funeral and who ends up sleeping in a graveyard…and that’s somehow the least scary thing that happens to him that [...]

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Carissa Weiser


Carissa is a former audiology professor with a background in psychoacoustics, linguistics, and creative writing. She loves her family, photography, tennis season, and riding horses.

Jason Weiser


Jason is a former hospital researcher with a background in English literature and narrative theory. He's a big fan of his wife and child, hiking, Batman, and cake (the dessert, but the band's ok, too).

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