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265-Monkey King: Out of Your Gourd

A super-powered monkey from Chinese folklore meets more than he bargained for: a sloshing hollow gourd full of pus. The creature is the Mikaribaba (箕借り婆) from Japanese folklore, a great reason not [...]

264-Korean Folklore: On the Mountainside

Five stories from Korean folklore all woven together to tell a grand narrative of the lives of normal people (and animals...and trees) on a mountainside in medieval Korea.

260-Norse Sagas: Norse Code

Heidrek the wise...was not actually all that wise. He took ownership of a cursed sword for one. He also got in a riddle battle with Odin, which is never a good idea. [...]

259-Egyptian Folklore: Butter

This story has a little bit of everything: genies, sorcerers, insecure kings, true love (with two practice marriages beforehand that the king insists do not count don't count those), and, of course, dancing houseplants.

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Carissa Weiser


Carissa is a former audiology professor with a background in psychoacoustics, linguistics, and creative writing. She loves her family, photography, tennis season, and riding horses.

Jason Weiser


Jason is a former hospital researcher with a background in English literature and narrative theory. He's a big fan of his wife and child, hiking, Batman, and cake (the dessert, but the band's ok, too).

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