I'm Jason Weiser, and this is a podcast where I re-tell stories from myths, legends, and folklore from all around the world. I try to get as close to the original stories as possible while still keeping it interesting.

This has been a weekly show since April of 2015, so there are quite a few episodes at this point. You can start at the beginning and work your way up to the present. However, I started this podcast recording in my car and hammering out scripts on my lunch breaks, so the production value and storytelling content...varies...in the beginning. The episodes below are the ones I would recommend to a new listener with absolutely no knowledge of this podcast. After that, I'll list all the original Disney stories I've done, and then we'll dive right on all the series (King Arthur, Greek mythology, etc) and the best places to start for those.

My Top Five

These are my five favorite stand-alone episodes that require absolutely no background. Between the five, they are funny, sad, epic, and thrilling. If you were just going to any episodes on this podcast, please give these a shot. You can even listen right here - there's a player underneath the show art.

Thor and Loki: Whosoever Holds this Hammer

The time Thor lost his hammer...and all the weird stuff he had to do to get it back. Also, the origin of terrible poetry

Beauty and the Beast: Prisoners

The original Beauty and the Beast story has, of course, monkey butlers with parrots strapped to their heads...so they can talk to you. I'm not joking at all. It's amazing.

Latin American Folklore: Unbreakable

The story of Crystal the Wise, a young woman from Chile who you very much do not want to mess with.

The Saga of Arrow-Odd, Part 1

The story of the extraordinary life of a legendary Viking

The Saga of Arrow-Odd, Part 2

Arrow-Odd and his nemesis, Ogmund, battle across the world...and across the centuries.