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311-Samurai: Lost and Found

A Ronin (a masterless samurai) goes on a quest to find a stolen sword and restore the honor of his family's name, but, when it comes to pushing the limits of what is right in order to see his mission through, how far is too far?

310-Norse Sagas: The Maiden King

The story of Sigrgarthr and the Maiden King, from Icelandic folklore has Viking male models, ruthless princesses, people shoving metal down their pants to make unbeatable weapons, dragons, trolls, witches, and monsters. [...]

309-Scandinavian Folklore: The Enemy of my Enemy

This week, there are three stories of people bargaining: with the devil, with that angry lady who owns too many cats, and, and we'll see that the person you need...might be the one you least suspect.

307-Dragons: Pie Hard

The story of why, no matter how good of an idea it sounds like after a few drinks, you shouldn't steal church bells and drop them into a nearby pond. You might awaken an ancient evil. Because of course you will.

306-Latin American Folklore: Payback

Two stories from Latin America folklore about people (and animals?) getting payback. The first is a story about why you shouldn't bite strangers. The second is about a man who can make the dead rise...but for a small fee will make sure that they stop.

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Carissa Weiser


Carissa is a former audiology professor with a background in psychoacoustics, linguistics, and creative writing. She loves her family, photography, tennis season, and riding horses.

Jason Weiser


Jason is a former hospital researcher with a background in English literature and narrative theory. He's a big fan of his wife and child, hiking, Batman, and cake (the dessert, but the band's ok, too).

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